Our Methodology

Keeping in mind that a significant gap exists between what the client expects from the advisor, in terms of knowledge and skill, and what the academia / certifications provide, PINNACLE helps it’s trainees in bridging this gap by improving their Knowledge, Skill, Attitude, Personality and thereby Confidence. While the financial intermediaries are equipped with requisite qualifications, we provide them practical trainings to bring about optimum efficiency in their day-to-day working consistent with the requirement of financial services industry.

To maintain competitive advantage in a fast-changing business environment, we believe that organizations must identify, nurture, and prepare the next generation of high-performance leaders for excellence. To this end, our programs are designed to equip such leaders to support growth, execute change, and develop people to build high performance organizations.

At PINNACLE we also assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, including people from various institutions & Corporate, optimize performance and accomplish their business objectives through our various learning and application centric training modules.

No formal education is complete without the right attitude and personality. We strongly believe in the comprehensive personality grooming of individuals, which would help them achieve true success in their lives. Hence, we have developed our adaptive learning modules using interactive and participative techniques, including:

  • Interactive Classroom Sessions
  • Case Studies
  • Games / Fillers / Warmers
  • Motivation and Personalization

Our distinguished methodology of trainings includes demonstrations, role plays, and special assessments for enhanced understanding and successful implementation.