PINNACLE is a step towards spreading financial literacy and soft skills development among the workforce of India through impactful training interventions.

Our country's fast growing economy, with a focus on inclusive growth and a stable financial system, recognizes the need to spread financial literacy not only among the financial intermediaries but also among the investors.

PINNACLE aims to improve the knowledge, understanding and skill of various financial intermediaries such as insurance advisors, mutual fund agents, financial planners, bankers selling multiple financial products across the counters etc., thereby helping them deliver the best advice to their clients and guiding them in managing money effectively.


We provide a mix of quality training and learning solutions, blended with a flavour of practical experience, to individuals, professionals, students and corporate.

PINNACLE has the bandwidth to deliver training programs across India through its pool of trainers who are a combination of skilled consultants and specialists in niche areas.

We endeavor to make a difference in the performance of people and organizations by delivering:

  • Cost-effective, value for MONEY training and learning programs
  • Practical, result-focused training courses
  • Content development on areas of Personal Finance and Skill Development
  • Service and support geared to meet your expectations

We start by understanding your goals and outcomes and then exploring the best solution to help you to drive your goals forward to success. We assist our clients in:

errow  Trainings & Seminars

errow   Content Design & Delivery

Effective Training leaves each individual with a strong desire to apply the learning at professional or personal life. At PINNACLE the training sessions are interactive and thought provoking. They are designed with an aim to enable transformation and to enhance skills of participants through value based learning. Our programs lead every trainee to be a qualified professional ready to provide financial recommendations.

Another role of PINNACLE is to conduct invester awareness programs at different levels for all sections of the population, including existing and potential customers, so as to improve their knowledge and understanding of the financial market and financial products, and also the importance of saving and investing, thereby helping people in managing money effectively by taking informed decision.


I found the program extremely useful with excellent content coverage. Some more practical questions would have helped even further.
Unmisith BasuSBI AMCSBI AMCNew Delhi



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